About Tranquillity

About TranquillityWe created Tranquillity to give people the tools and mindset to deal with the stresses of daily life wherever you are. Our subtle designs allow you to meditate, relax and destress at any point in your day because sometimes all it takes is a brief moment to bring you back into the present. Our beautiful range of rings, necklaces and earrings are here to empower you, ground you and relax you; any time, any place, whilst fitting your style and look.

Anxiety rings and gemstone jewellery have been around for centuries in various designs and styles. Whilst the rings aren't a cure for stress and anxiety, they do offer help for numerous reasons. The bodies natural reaction to stress is to fidget, which can be distracting and embarrassing. Our rings give you a subtle focal point to help give a calming effect. It also helps stimulate the skin which in turn can lead to Oxytocin release which has been shown to have anti-anxiety properties. Gemstones are said to have healing and empowering qualities and our collections will aid you in your daily life, whilst looking great!

Tranquillity rings are also a useful meditation and mindfulness tool. The rings act to bring the mind back into the present by grounding the mind and body.

Finally, studies have shown that they can act as a positive association to less stressful times. When stressed the individual can spin the ring which with practice will allow them to defuse the stressful moment.

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Love, Team Tranquillity x