Try These 5 Simple Relief Methods Next Time You Feel Stressed or Anxious

Try These 5 Simple Relief Methods Next Time You Feel Stressed or Anxious

Being more mindful of your own body and your surroundings is a wonderful way to boost both your mental and physical wellbeing. Whilst we preach the benefits of yoga and meditation, sometimes situational anxieties and stresses can become overwhelming. Here are some top-tips for what to do when anxiety strikes.

5. Breathe
 Deep breaths or “box breathing” can help clear the mind. It is a great tool to use when anxiety and stress strikes.

4. Get outside
Connect yourself to the outdoors. Not only will it help you move your body but if you can focus on your senses, you will be more mindful in your day-to-day life.

3. Go phone free
Removing the interruptions of notifications and the urge to reach for your phone will help you connect with the present and be more mindful in your thoughts and actions.

2. Journal
Journaling is a great way to register what is happening in your mind, adding invaluable perspective, purpose and presence.

1. Utilise a grounding tool
Having a grounding tool is one of the fastest and most effective ways to diffuse anxiety and stress. It will help you regain your focus on the present. 
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