Inspiring Mindfulness

Our Origins
“Let's inspire presence in the present.”

As a psychology graduate, I've always been interested in the mind. However, throughout my twenties, career, body image and social pressures always took precedence - predictably leading to burnout, stress and anxiety. Sound familiar?

Through many conversations with friends and family, I realised that I was not alone. Whilst many of us had tried mindfulness, stress and anxiety have a way of creeping up on you!

What if there was a way, no matter where you were, to always have a grounding tool to hand?

Our Mission

Sometimes all it takes is a brief moment to bring you back into the present. We created Tranquillity to equip each individual with the tools to manage the mental obstacles of daily life - wherever you are.

Childs pose, box breathing and Kapalbhati certainly have their place but in a boardroom, crowded commuter bus or Zoom call you might need something a bit more subtle...

Enter Tranquillity. 

How it works

We seamlessly couple mindfulness with contemporary style. Our sterling silver rings subtly allow the wearer to diffuse daily anxieties with their discrete moveable features.

Striking yet soothing, each ring is designed to bring the wearer back into the present moment wherever they are.

Tranquillity was founded through conversations and we want to keep the conversation going.

We are continuously working with therapists, yogis and life coaches to innovate and provide helpful advice through our blogs, social media and products. Community is at the centre of our peaceful ethos, so come and join the conversation.

Stressed? It's Normal!

Social anxiety? Stressed about an upcoming presentation? Terrified of flying? Tranquillity promotes mindfulness whatever the situation. 

Take a breath.

Already a yogi pro? Tranquillity jewellery can be used alongside traditional breath work to ground and keep you centred in the present.

Shine on.

We all come in different shapes and sizes and so does our jewellery. Gold, Gemstones and simple Sterling Silver, we've got you covered to make sure you feel and look great!